Sons of Camelot: Fonts


We will use font “D3 Rabbitmapism” very nice and looks as the original font.

To find this font, I use MAME to get original font screen (MAME  / load game / F4 / ENTER / move in game until fint font screen). Then I capture this screen:
Now we take some characters (i.e. from A to G) with any bitmap program like Windows Paint, save file. Then browse to  and it will search for similar fonts, we look for “free” fonts only.

After that, I installed this font to Windows (right click + install).
Then use program Bitmap Font Creator (link) and create new font using this parameters:

Font tab

Size: 20
Bold-Italic-Antialias: NO
Fill mode:Gradient, Gradiente1 ( color1: white, color2: RGB(202,203,177) )

Special Effects tab
Outline: 2
Shadow: NO

Then go to Generate Tab and push Go! (new file in desk named output.png). Check file size  H x W (we will use later).

Go to GM make new font, Edit Sprite+File/Create from Stripe.

Import Menu: We write down there are 95 images, 10 each row.
To put "Image width" e "image height" we divide file size by 10.

In example, if file size is 940x770px, then we use 94px y 77px in GM .

Very important, delete first image (must be an empty image in white).
Now we can use this font, adding this in new font object:

fntBitmapFont = font_add_sprite(test2, ord("!"), 1, 1);
draw_text_color(150,150, "Texto de ejemplo", c_white, c_white, c_white, c_white,1);

VERY IMPORTANT: This font object must be added to any ROOM we use it.

Short Phrases

If we don't need or want to use a full font in our game, we can generate phrases with Bitmap Font Creator program and create small bitmaps with these phrases.

To do it, open the program, choose a font, configure font and then click in Phrases:

Write down all needed phrases.

Done, then click in Generate, select Phrases and choose output folder.
Finally click en Go!

We have our bitmaps to be imported by GM.

Phrases in Bitmap Font Creator CAN'T be edit or manage, only deleted.
To save phrases and font config: File + save project.