Sons of Camelot: Initial approach

Before programming, some things have to be considered.
As part of an already-existing game, mechanisc are already established, part of our work is already done.
But as this game is supposed to be played on mobile devices, it's a must to add on screen controls.

This game will be done using Game Maker (aka GM).
I'm using GM Studio v1.4, all comments refer to this version.
Right now, new version just hits the streets (GM 2), lot of things changed then this new version is not suitable for my explanations. You will find at Yoyogames web.

Splitting Screen for the game, User interface and Ads

First approach:

Blood Bross resolution is 256x224px. My first idea was use 640x480px (later I change my mind).

But at this moment I thoght this:

  • Main region is game region (see yellow region just below), will be 640x400px. This doesn't respect original resolution or screen ratio, no problem, we are making new game, not a port.
    Just below: 
  • Left part (red zone): joystick, 150x80px. 
  • Center part (blue): ad banner, 300x80px. 
  • Right part (purple): 2 buttons (roll, fire), 190x80px. 

Above purple region we put transparent button, will be the third one (bomb/special attack), we can't put in purple region, no space for it.

Ad banner needs to be smaller than blue region, to avoid unexpected ads stopping game. If this happens to often, users will stop playing.

Changes in approach:

Finally not going to use 640x480px. I will use "pixel-art" sprites in my game, so I will use low resolution, 320x240px.

Different screen regions for game, joystick, buttons will be keep, but I will not use ad region. Instead I will add ads only when starting new level.

Player: from Bombs to Special attack

Blood Bros player could use bombs, its number were limited, but can get additional bombs during the game.

In "Sons of Camelot" I will change bombs for special attacks. Better for fantastic middle ages game.

Scores, bonus and shop

Score in original game:

  • 100 points, common enemy.
  • 100 points, horse enemy.
  • 1000 points, destroy small forniture.
  • 5000 points, destroy wagons, also bonus item will fly and player has to get it before dissapear.
  • 5000 ó 10000 points, destroy big forniture (like houses), also bonus item will fly and player has to get it before dissapear.
  • etc

In "Sons of Camelot" we will follow this, bonus items will fly and player has to get it before dissapear, they will remain 2 seconds on the floor.

But also we will add coins to game. We can recollect them, and use them to buy things in the shop (like additional power ups, special attacks and lives).